The origins

-5000000 years ago (australopithecus)

The Australopithecus appeared in central Africa. They didn´t know about fire at that point of history and thy didn´t need shelder.

-1600000-200000 BC (homo erectus)

Later(1,600,000-200,000 BC), when they moved to a better climated place(north) the evolved into Homo Erectus becoming able to discover fire and inventing the first model of houses (huts) which were  were made out of branches sunk in the sand and surrounded by aligned stones.

-100000-40000 BC (homo neanderthal)

Were the ones who inhabited caverns  in the North of Africa, Europe an the East, as they where sedentary. As well, they allso started living in comunities.

-40000 BC (homo sapiens)

Considered as the final human form or the future human, the homo sapiens manifested a better intellectual capacity than the other past evolutions. In addition, the where the fist ones to ever made artistical expresions and invented dwellings.The new type of houses, covered whith animal skin and looking like cabins, where distributed in a defensive way.

-8000-4000 BC 

As the agriculture finally became firmly stablished, a sedentary lifesrtyle appeared. That´s why the first permanent houses start beeing built, and the first cityes start appearing. As well, due to the complexity of societies, the variation of buildings types grew.