Architecture is the art in which the architect expresses his ideas and personality while making it functional. But it must be adapted to the social and cultural needs of the moment.

Architecture arises from necessity, that of prehistoric humans who needed a place to take shelter, and it is any space or structure that humans can occupy and use, from a cave in prehistoric times to the largest and most innovative skyscraper in

existence, whether for habitation or leisure (such as a shopping mall).

Often architecture is not even something real that can be touched but is limited to an idea, a project, something that the architect has designed but will never be built.

Although architecture can be an artistic expression, usually the architect must stick to what the client asks for, and is not given much room to do something more than a rectangular prism of a building, somehow trying to eliminate the artistic part of architecture.


  • The art or practice of designing and constructing buildings.
  • The complex or carefully designed structure of something.
  • The organisation of the spaces that we inhabit
  • Lifestyle improvement
  • Creation of somethig that will last all along the time
  • Art, science, tecnhologie, design
  • Management of spaces and its beauty
  • Architecture is the art of building.

(Architecture begins when we have a problem that needs to be solved)

Architecture is the inevitable art, we are in continuous contact

with it … we can avoid contemplating paintings, sculptures or any

other work of art but architecture, it affects us constantly,

configures our behaviour and conditions our state of mind … “

Richard Leland

Architecture embraces the entire physical environment that surrounds human life. We cannot escape from it as long as we are part of civilization, because architecture is the sum of modifications and alterations introduced into the land in order to satisfy human needs.

William Morris