When I leave the university, on my way home, I always come across this building, I always observe it in detail because it is a building that stands out among those around it.

this building plays with contrast. Its black color makes it stand out against the surrounding buildings, and its enormous dimensions also help it to be seen and highlighted. Investigating, I have realized that inside there are some offices of different companies, also some floors can be rented to establish more offices there.

As well, the shape is somewhat peculiar and aesthetic, pleasing to the eye. it is not the typical tall and simple office building, it plays with curves and different heights as we can appreciate.

Other thing that catches my attention is the way it closes the corner being very innovative as it closes it with a kind of curve instead of the typical straight corner. This modernity gives it a very innovative aesthetic together with the use of glass for the facade which makes it look spectacular from the outside and from the inside.