The architect is someone with a certain level of knowledge able to design, to provide beauty to what surrounds us or even to create. An architect is also an artist, a professional and someone who manages to control space and time. Moreover, the architect should be organized, creative, capable to work in team, critical, suspicious, curious, able to analyze what surrounds him, able to express thoughts and interpret ideas, as well as able to understand the needs of the users and satisfy them

Spanish regulation

In Spain, the profession of architect is regulated by the law 38/1999 of the Ordenación de la Edificación. It regulates the building process and the agents involved in it, setting out their obligations and responsibilities.

It is possible to work on one’s own account, for other architects and/or companies, for others, public work for the administration, teaching, etc.

Alfonso muñoz cosme

To be a architect is to know how to recognize and interpret the reality that surrounds us, but also to be able to dream and imagine things that doesn’t exist yet.
The architect works with the sight, by perceiving and interpreting the piece of works in which he is immersed, but also he is hand to define and shape new objects to change his environment. Eye and hand are united in a single mental process that connects what exist whit what is dreamt

Alberto Campo Baeza

Being an architect means to be able to turn a house into a dream, And at the same time, being able yo turn a dream into a house.

I repeat that an architect, what he does is build ideas, dreams, materialize ideas. Or make dreams come true

Tips for new architects

  • No one should take architecture for a living unless you love it.
  • Think about the why of things
  • Study every detail.
  • Get used to analysis.
  • Order from the general to the particular.
  • Not to enter into practice without maturity.
  • Take time to prepare yourself.
  • See the machines and methods to construct.
  • What counts is quality of character.
  • Do not enter any architectural competition under any circumstances, except as novices