This time, we have been asked to search a film or song related to architecture, just to see the obvious link that exists between both them. Gladiator is such a good expample of how architecture is crucial in what it meens to create a film. So, in this page, we will review the scenes of this wonderful film.


On May 5, 2000, one of the films destined to make history in the seventh art arrived to theaters: Gladiator. British director Ridley Scott, author of works such as Alien and Blade Runner, was in charge of directing this péplum and action film that revitalized the peplum at the beginning of the 21st century. But his was a crazy shooting, with a 21-page script with no outcome which was built basically while they were filming, so he had to move forward because they had already closed the entire production schedule.


Joaquin Phoenix
Joaquin Phoenix
Personaje : Commodus
Russell Crowe
Russell Crowe
Personaje : Maximus
Oliver Reed
Oliver Reed
Personaje : Proximo
Connie Nielsen
Connie Nielsen
Personaje : Lucilla
Richard Harris
Richard Harris

Personaje : Marc Aurèle
Derek Jacobi
Derek Jacobi
Personaje : Gracchus
David Hemmings
David Hemmings
Personaje : Cassius
Djimon Hounsou
Djimon Hounsou
Personaje : Juba

-FalcoDavid Schofield

-GaiusJohn Shrapnel

-QuintusTomas Arana

-HagenRalf Moeller

-LuciusSpencer Treat Clark

-CiceronTommy Flanagan

-le fils de MaximusGiorgio Cantarini

-la femme de MaximusGiannina Scott

-Trainer 2 (extended edition)Michael Mellinger

-TigreSven-Ole Thorsen

un officierNicholas McGaughey

-le marchand d’esclavesOmid Djalili

-ValeriusJohn Quinn

-le chef des GermainsChick Allen

-le narrateurBilly Dowd

-Trainer 1 (extended edition)Allan Corduner

-Assassin #2Mark Lewis

-ScribeChris Kell

Ray Calleja

-Rome Trainer #1Al Ashton

-Assassin #1Tony Curran

-IngenieroDavid Bailie

-Officer 2 (extended edition)Gilly Gilchrist

-Officer 1 (extended edition)Adam Levy

-Praetorian Guard #1Alun Raglan

-Proximo’s Man (extended edition)Said Amel


ProductorDavid Franzoni

Productor ejecutivoLaurie MacDonald

Productor delegadoDaniel Wai Chiu

Productor ejecutivoWalter F. Parkes

ProductorBranko Lustig

ProductorDouglas Wick


In the year 180 the Roman Empire is in control of the entire world known up to date. Maximus, interpreted by the already known Russell Crowe, is a very powerful Roman General for the Emperor Marcus Aurelius, as he alone has achieved success after success, standing out for his courage, dedication and loyalty to the Empire. Commodus, Marcus Aurelius’ son, who is jealous of Maximus’ prestige and his father’s love towards him, when he unexpectedly assumes power, he orders the general’s arrest and execution. fortunatelly Maximus manages to escape from his oppressors, although he is unable to stop them from murdering his family. Later, he is kidnapped by a slave trader and becomes a gladiator, preparing for his revenge.


As the film is cronologically situated in the ancient roman empire, all the spaces, clothes, etc that we are able to apreciate in the film have been strictly selected in order to fit as well as possible in the ancient roman empire topic.

All along the film, we are able to see different backrounds, places, clothes shuch that the following ones:

The film was shot in different locations such as England, Italy, Morocco and Malta. Precisely on this island was filmed the Roman Colosseum that is shown in the film, as a replica of the original. Only a third of the 15-meter-high amphitheater was built for recording the necessary scenes. The remaining parts were included digitally. When Scott arrived to Morocco, he ran out of material to shoot at the beginning, and he spent his time choosing a few locations because they had no more pages in the script. “By the time we got to Morocco we had finished the 21 pages we had,” Crowe said. In Ouarzazate, known as the Hollywood of the desert, the slave scenes, the desert journey and the Proximo gladiator school were filmed at the foot of the Atlas Mountains.

coliseum created for the film
coliseum scene

As well, as we are able to apreciate in this scene of many, the aspect of clothing has allso been carefully thought in order to fit well in the topic of the film. Clothes as as well acurate as the backrounds and places.

In this other scene we can apreciate how important architecture is for creating surroundings, places, etc for films. In this scene in particular, they are in a tent. The way the tent has been created in order to seem like a roman tent is worthy of admiration, every single element has been selected carefully even the curtains. As I can see, the use of materials, play an important role in this callenge. The use of wood, stone sculptures or even sometimes materials that seems to be one but then we you touch it, are not whath you initiali thought.

huge and decorated stone pillars, tunics, armour,etc


I found this film quite interesting, I love the way the director in addition to the characters can recreate the society and the scenes of that time. The backgrounds and buildings or in general the scenarios are very elaborated, thanks to that, you can see how the world looked like in the roman empire times. That is why I enjoyed the film because as an architect and as a lover of architecture I truly appreciate and admire this aspect of all films in general. I am proud to say that in terms of architecture, this film is one of the best I have ever seen. That is thanks to the work of the architects, and people in charge of the creation of these scenarios and also thanks to the work done in the computers.

In terms of the plot, it is not the best one but still an amazing one, being considered as one of the best, the plot hooks you while it is interesting and moving. One of the best without a doubt.

I have to admite that the first time I found myself not able to watch the whole film, if I remember well, I didn’t wach even half of the film. However once I became an architect, things changed considerably. Now I was able to whach it till the end and realize how good this film was. And that is thanks to architecture degree that I am coursing and everything that I am learning from my teachers.